We had the most wonderful experience with Marsena. She introduced us to a healthier way of communicating and a way that helps foster intimacy between us as a couple. She is genuine, honest and fun to work with. I've found in the past working with different therapists that there is always more to work on and that therapy never ends. Marsena is different- once we reached our set goals she actually said: you guys don't need me anymore! What a pleasure to hear!! We Highly recommend Marsena for couples therapy!
Marsena is professional, caring and sensitive. She's a wonderful person and she understands the intricacies of relationships in a marriage, and how to improve them. Highly recommended.
My fiancé and I thoroughly enjoyed our Premarital counseling with Marsena. She created a comfortable environment for us to be completely open and honest. We not only learned how to build our communication skills but we also learned so much about each other and our feelings. Ultimately, we feel more prepared than ever for our marriage. I highly recommend Marsena for premarital or marriage counseling!
Very professional, efficient, and kind. Highly, highly recommend.
Marsena was a fabulous counselor. I saw her personally for about a year, off and on. She helped me a lot, probably more than I could ever explain in a yelp review. Most importantly she helped me to really like myself, to listen to my emotions, and to use good judgement when emotional situations arise. I honestly felt like I had a new perspective on life after seeing Marsena. A lot of my personal progress is due to help and insight from Marsena, and I'll be forever grateful for that!! I've since moved away from Phoenix. I wish I could find a counselor as good as Marsena here in LA. I'm still looking...
Great people very professional and caring. Sometimes it helps to talk to someone and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes just talking an issue through you are able to discover the answer or solution yourself.
Marsena is great, we have been seeing her for 3 months. So far, we have decided to say together and work on our marriage of 3.5 years based on the tools and understanding in communication, acceptance and tolerance that we have learned in our therapy sessions. Her communications workshop is amazing and to the point. At this point we can say she is helping us save our relationship, and will continue to seek her services and advice.